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INTRODUCE Hello. lalalees co.,ltd is specialized in nail field.
We have made and distributed a variety of nail products for retail and professional use.
We have PASSET brand for nail specialists, LALALEES for general retail brand, and WEVPALET brand for semi-permanent pigment.
GEL NAIL We did launch the peel off gel product first time in korea and have the patent.
Our products have the best quality.
It has the good shade of color and high gloss with easy application.
It is suitable for customer because it is outstanding self-leveling.
We have more than 200 colors and constantly launch the new products reflecting customer needs
In addition we have supplied the 3 step gel and other products for nail to the nail salons.
It is the best for nail art work that has easy application, good shade of color, high gloss, long-lasting maintenance.
It is possible to minimize the damages to nail and provide the nourishment helping the nail to be healthy.
It makes of cosmetic quality good materials including protein, calcium, vitamin that help to be healthy.
Regular gel is the best for the nail art work, specially nail hand painting, for nail stylists and and is getting popular among nail stylists.
Nail polish We have a variety of concept regular polish colors like kinds of vivid, elegance, sparkling, metallic, crack.
we have gotten the recognition from professional nail stylists  as the best quality in korea.
Nail sticker We have a beautiful and stylish design of nail art stickers more than 400.
Each nail art stickers has on their own character with outstanding designs and quality good materials.
We have created various designs with the state-of-the-art technology and  best quality.
We are extremely sure our nail art stickers are best seller in korea.
We can supply OEM,ODM if you meet our minimum quantity.
In addition, we have tattoo stickers, gel nail stickers, 3D nail stickers and so on.
We have a variety of all about products for nail.

Please contact us if you have any questions about us.
We are sure “we are to be the reliable partner for your success”.

Thank you!

TEL 82-80-850-4393

Nail Trand Leader “LALALEES”

ㆍLALALEES support  “Nature, Biotech and Natural care”
ㆍLALALEES is unique and high degree of perfection to reflect the NEEDS of women, and thought to first health
  it was born by configuring the products that are expertise and trying to express the product of director on the
  basis of development (R & D), the experience of education and research many years in Germany, the powerful nation
  in the field of nail.
ㆍLALALEES is nail's specialist brand and go ahead to the trends that are changing rapidly.


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